First Duck Dynasty Baby Shower Photos Show Off Daughter’s Growing Belly

Rebecca Robertson / Instagram

Baby showers are always a fun occasion. For the Roberston family, the normal shower activities were extra fun as generations gathered together to celebrate the mom-to-be.

An Honorary Robertson

Rebecca Roberston might not have been born into the Duck Dynasty family – but she is definitely considered part of the crew. When she was only 16, she came to the United States as a foreign exchange student who barely knew English.

Originally from Taiwan, her father passed away when she was just 11 and her mother still lives overseas. The young lady showed love for all the female influences she has in a wedding day post saying, “I am so blessed to have all these beautiful women in my life and to call them mom. Thank you all for shaping me to who I am today.”

Having family all around the world is a true blessing. For Rebecca, she’s been lucky enough to have the love and support of the strong influences as she has opened her store – Duck & Dressing – fell in love, got married and now is having a baby!

A Baby On The Way

Rebecca married the man of her dreams, John Reed Loflin on December 3, 2016. Their wedding was a bohemian tropical paradise in Mexico as she walked down the aisle in a gorgeous, flowy dress.

Fast forward to 2018 and the happy couple has a baby on the way! They posted to social media that they are expecting the baby boy in January of 2019 – just in time for the new year!

First Time Grandmothers

And they’re not the only ones excited about the new addition to the family. The soon-to-be grandmas are eagerly awaiting the birth. Korie Robertson posted pictures of the baby shower to social media saying, “The best day celebrating this cute little bump!”

Korie Robertson / Instagram

Generations Of Women

Even sweeter, Korie posted a picture showing four generations of Robertson women.

She told social media, “Pic 5 is with my mom and grandma, soon to be great-grandma and great-great-grandma.”

Korie Robertson / Instagram

Rebecca is definitely one lucky gal to be surrounded by so much love – and we just know her baby is going to get the same treatment.

You can check out all the photos in the slideshow below and let us know what you think in the comments!