Home Free Member Welcomes Baby Boy – You’ll Love His Adorable, Vintage Name

Rob Lundquist / Instagram

There’s now a new member in the Home Free family!

The Home Free guys have always made a point to include their significant others in their music videos. Because of this, fans feel like they’ve gotten to know the Home Free ladies just as much as members themselves.

One person who frequently pops up in Home Free’s videos is tenor harmony singer Rob Lundquist’s wife, Kelsey. If you’ve paid close attention, you’ve likely seen their daughter, Lydia, in a video as well.


Now that Lydia is a little older, Rob and Kelsey decided it was time to expand their family. In March, the couple shared that they were expecting their second child together…a son!

He is set to make his big debut in May and we are beyond excited to meet him,” Rob wrote on Instagram.


At long last, the big day finally arrived, and baby Lundquist is now here!

Rob shared the happy news on Instagram on Sunday (May 20). In addition to announcing his son’s birth, he shared a photo of the two of them snuggled up together in the hospital.

He also shared what he and Kelsey decided on for a name. Since their daughter is named Lydia, the couple decided to keep the “vintage” theme going with their son’s name, which is Charles Warren Lundquist.

We’ll be calling him Charlie,” Rob wrote. How cute is that?


Just look how precious baby Charlie is! We can’t wait watch him grow up! Wonder when he’ll make his first appearance in a Home Free video?

Congratulations to Rob, Kelsey, and Lydia on their new family member! You can watch all three of them enjoy some quality time together in Home Free’s music video for “White Christmas” below.