Reba Prays For Peace In Powerful New Video [WATCH]

Reba McEntire has released a really wonderful video to showcase her song, ‘Pray for Peace,’ which features clips of the singer and her fans around the world praying for peace. Surprisingly, according to Ronnie Dunn, Reba chose to share the video […]


Ray Stevens Sings ‘Shriner’s Convention’ [WATCH]

Meanwhile back at the motel… Monday might be the least fun day of the week, but we’re aiming to change that. There’s nothing like a Ray Stevens’ classic to get us laughing, smiling, and ready to take on […]


Brad Paisley Speaks Out On Breastfeeding Mom

We recently brought you a story about a woman who claimed she was kicked out of a Brad Paisley concert in San Diego for breastfeeding. Police strongly disagreed with her account, and Paisley, who discussed the incident on radio […]