Dale Jr. Finally Admits If He’ll Have More Kids With Amy

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Just a couple of months ago, this famous NASCAR driver welcomed his very first child into the world and he couldn’t be more pleased. But at 43 years old – will Dale Earnhardt Jr. want to have more children?

Sitting down for an interview with Dan Patrick in New York earlier this week, Dale Jr. spoke openly and frankly about how life as a new father has been and what his thoughts are going forward.

On the verge of a major shift in his career going from NASCAR driver to booth broadcaster and sports analyst, Dale Jr. also has been working hard on his brand new book Racing To The Finish.

With so much going on, many have wondered if he and Amy will be trying to have more kids sooner or if they are wanting to just have a single-child home.

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Talking about his first two months as a father, Dale Jr. confessed that he and Amy compete to see who can make little Isla Rose smile the most – and he was just beaming a huge smile while saying that.

While he absolutely loves his life right now – he does have one major regret about how it all played out.

“(Babies) have a way of maturing you real fast and forcing you to change your lifestyle and the way you think,” he said to Patrick. “I know I had a lot of fun in my twenties and thirties but I realize now how great these experiences are. Frankly, I wish I could have started sooner at a younger age.”

Because of that, Dale Jr. says, it has definitely changed his perception of life and affected his thoughts on family.

“We are already talking about hopefully trying to expand our family,” Dale Jr. continued. “I am really frustrated with myself that I didn’t do this sooner and that I didn’t get married sooner and didn’t have a baby sooner.”

So at 43, it appears that Dale Jr. wants to get his family started asap and make up for some lost time!

Watch the full interview with Dan Patrick below! (Start at 5:00)